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Perfect Wedding Memories

February seems like the most popular month to celebrate a wedding. This month I had the opportunity to make a bride and groom cake pop design for two different clients for their special day.

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

The best part about making these pops for my 2 clients was, they both picked the same design, it was a YES for me!

There was only 1 thing different - the color of the bow on each pops used. One was a pink bow and the other was silver. Other than that, they are both picked the same flavor, materials used, the color and same exact wedding date. Omg, that's amazing! One sweet day!

There were 16 dozen cake pops made at the same date of delivery. Before accepting orders like this volume, I made sure I have all it covered, I made sure that I can do it and deliver the best result and in a timely manner.

Thank God for inventing Google, who's always been there for me when I needed it most. You can store already made Cake Pops in advance - which is perfect! After making dinner, dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, kid assignments (Daddy actually reviews his assignments) have been completed, and the kitchen is cleaned. It's time for me to bring out my baking tools. In one night I can make at least 3-4 dozens, which is right on time with the deadline.

Besides working full time Monday to Friday, the only time I can do my baking is at night and on weekends. At night I put aside at least 2-3 hours into my baking project. The good thing about this hobby is that - it makes me feel relaxed when doing it. I must say that making cake pops, creating designs and composing flavors has been my niche. At the same time, while making "Cake Pops", I put on my favorite TV show "The Bachelor 2020" for now! Yes, I am cheesy! But who cares, I get things done! lol

Cake pops were delivered and pick-up at the perfect time as what the clients wanted.

I love hearing all the comments and praises, it is music to my ear.

I am working on creating a video of what I bake, I need more research, tools and materials to use to accomplish the best result.

Tell me your design, flavor and event date, you'll have a guaranteed success talk about dessert on the table!

I would like to hear something from you, feel free to leave your comments or ask questions about the product, materials, ingredients used and the overall cake pops process, I will be happy to share.

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Enjoy your day!



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