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When in Paris
With My
We couldn't believe it, we are actually going to Paris! We couldn't believe that this is really happening!  But here we are!  With my besties Karen and Traci venturing into Paris! 

We all work together in one of the fast-paced Corporate offices in Boca Raton.  Karen is super fun and loves to eat, drink, and dance! Traci and I are so much in common when it comes to food, we love to experiment by tasting different food from different places.  We always come out full!  We love to try different restaurants that we haven't been to before and enjoy every minute of it.  She handles most of the planning on our trips, she loves to be in control of everything during this trip, from purchasing tickets, and activities and finding bogos, which is good.  She makes sure to check with us about what activity we want that we'd like to be added to the itinerary. 

We planned this trip way in advance.  We prepared a PowerPoint Presentation to our boss, detailing the outcome of having happy employees would be, creating great relationships with coworkers, how we can be more productive at work, demonstrating work-life balance, and many more reasons just to be able to get it approved!

And it's a big "YES!" We are approved to travel together!  We were so excited and thrilled when he said "We will make it work"!  Yeah, that moment - I can still picture in my head how excited we were!

Now, time to get our tickets!

Traci planned most of our activities way ahead in advance and found the best deals and the best things to do in Paris! 

The most unforgettable for me was all of them! The dinner at O'Chateau, the De Lourve Museum, Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge shows, all of it!  Plus so much more including Amsterdam!  There will be more stories to write about that soon.

Enjoy the rare photos below.



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