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DIY Cookie Decorating Instructions

Create your own cookie masterpieces with this DIY decorate your own cookie kit! I assure you, the whole family will have fun, NO prior baking experience required!  Purchased 10 or more kits, schedule a cookie decorating class through Zoom for an additional $50 for 1 hour session for the group.  Perfect for kids and teens birthday party!  Book now!


Each kit comes with:

1 dozen (12 ct) about 3-4” vanilla sugar cookies: 12 different shapes (wrapped individually)

3 bags of royal icing: red, pink, and white (can be any colors you'd like)

3 containers of sprinkles (small) 

1 bag of toothpicks

1 copy of DIY cookie kit instructions

Sugar Cookie Ingredients: sugar, butter, flour, vanilla extract, eggs and baking powder.

Royal Icing Ingredients: sugar, water, vanilla extract and meringue powder.  Royal icing is safe to be at room temperature, due to the help of meringue powder elements.

No return no exchange but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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