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Welcome to West Boca Sweets!

Nice meeting with you! My name is Margie West, I'm a full time Business Analyst and I love to cook, bake and eat! I'm a self-taught baker and I'm here to share with you tips and techniques on how to create delicious homemade treats and create joy in the kitchen.

I found my passion in baking when my son was turning 2 years old.  Around that time, we found out that he is extremely allergic to peanuts.  "A call from Nanay saying he has been crying for hours, throwing up, appearing rashes all over his body".  Nanay called an ambulance and rushed to the ER, at the same time, I drove to the ER just as fast as I could, making sure I got there safely.  Thank God he is okay but the doctor says - his reaction to peanuts is extremely serious.  We cannot take this for granted, the next time this happens will now a matter of life and death.  I felt devastated, it hit me to the core! 

We went to an allergy test and found out he is also allergic to eggs, fish, (seafood), kiwi and Penicillin.  Since then, this horrific  experience  made it easy to confirm my thought process that I am going to bake his own birthday cake.  

On May of 2012 his 2nd year birthday party, I made him an 8" Superman inspired cake.  The cake was a hit!  Kids and parents enjoyed every bite of it, and they begging for more.  Then, later on I offer to bake cakes for my friends on their special occasions, I was so thrilled when I come up with delicious and beautiful cake designs.

I've watched cake tutorials, learned techniques, self-studied the many ways of decorating cake; the use of fondant to cover a cake and a perfect smooth texture of frosting to cover a cake.  My imagination went wild!  I realized, every cake I make is a work of art and the positive feedback I got made me think, this is it!  My husband said, you're now the Queen of Baking!


There's nothing more satisfying when you see people enjoying the cake and singing praises in every bite.

I was born in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, Dumaguete City.  My late Dad was known for as a great cook.  During Fiesta in the nearby City, it is a customary that my Dad gets invited to cook for them.  At a young age (7), my Dad would take me with him, I sat on the side watching him cook food to feed many strangers and passers by. Fiesta is part of Filipino tradition, that we believe sharing a meal with strangers strengthens us all.

I graduated with a Master's Degree major in Hospitality Management at Philippine Women's University.  I became an instructor at De Lasalle Dasmarinas Cavite for over 3 years.   Learning and sharing knowledge is an accomplishment. 

I've traveled for work with pleasure to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Virginia USA and Doha, Qatar UAE.  I spend more time in Singapore for an on the job training in Hospitality Management at Marriott Hotel, Orchard, Singapore. I am very thankful for that experience, I was able to understand the true meaning of diversity.

Then in 2006, I've decided to come to the United States.  I met my loving husband Jeremy in 2007 who makes my life more complete with our most precious son Matthew who is very smart, so curious about life.

In 2016, West Boca Sweets was established!  I conceptualized in providing you with hand crafted delicious work of art cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and many more for any occasion. 

Click on Shop By Product to start or feel free to contact me to customize your design.  Our goal is to provide the best quality delicious dessert and make one happy and satisfied customer.


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since 2016​


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