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How to Conquer Adversity, One Day at a Time

If I could change the world just like that, if I could help anyone in need, just like that, I would.

Besides being a great baker and cake designer, I'm passionate about motivating and helping. But don't get me wrong, I am no Michael Jordan who donated $10M to "Maker-a-wish". :)

Money is one thing. Personal satisfaction and fulfillment are another.

Today, I would like to introduce to you my Alma Mater, Junob High School and share a story about Giving-Back! This is something I have in mind to give back something to my school. Each time I visit my parents in Dumaguete City, on my way to my Mom's house is where you'll see my school! It reminds me of the good and not so good happened during my high school days. I am always grateful to all the educators who have this undying patience to teach kids. It is amazing talent!

I am writing this to inspire and motivate others, learn to take chances, learn to appreciate and acknowledge those people who helped you during the process and giving back.

I went to Junob High School from grade six, seventh through high school. This school plays significant part in where I am now. I am thankful to all my professors who helped me along the way.

My high school days weren't as fortunate as some, but our parents planted that idea at young age, that in order to succeed, you have to go to school and finish something. Which I did!

I remember, my late Dad will usually yell at us when we make mistakes - he'll say, "Is that what your school teaches you to do?" "Walay pulos! Gakalas ra ug balon!" meaning - "it's useless, you're just wasting money or food to eat during recess period" he'll continue, "... a simple step to tie a knot is impossible!"

Be adventurous and learn! But keep in mind, not everything can be learned in the classroom. As you venture and face the real world, you'll find out more. Get out, and don't be afraid to fail, because failure is a lessons learned. Later on, I understand what my Dad meant. Did we learn how to tie a knot in class? I didn't.

Anyways, last year, during the pandemic, I sponsored 3 high school students to support their continuing education at Junob High School. These students are carefully selected by the school committee "Share-a-load Program" headed by our very own, my playmates growing up, my Godmother's daughter, a very intelligent and passionate about teaching, a very humble and I am so proud: Principal, Mrs. Victoria Superal.

Based on their interview selection process, parents cannot afford to send them back to school. Keep in mind that this is a public school, the only thing they need are the necessities - books, and special projects.

Principal Victoria reached out to me about this initiative, for only $6 a month for each student, they are able to continue with their studies. I only need to work harder and bake more cakes to get an extra $18 per month to help people in need. And I did it for a year!

It feels great to practice gratitude!

Nothing is too small to make a difference.

- Give and make an impact

- Send a kid to high school

- Donate books for their library

- Donate to nominate a teacher of the month/year

- Find a reason to give

If you are interested in donating anything, please reach out to Principal Victoria Superal or Me

Check out brief history of Junob High School my Alma Mater.

Photos above are delightful students received "Share-A-Load" card for monthly expenses.



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