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Delicious Cake Pops

Vanilla Favor Cake Pops

Recently my Cake Pops has become very popular. Each day I get super excited just thinking about this little hobby and now become a business. Sometimes I am just imagining what I could do, then I realize its actually happening. Like making cake pops become so easy for me. Let me brag a little... A 6 dozen of cake pops is ready for pick up the next day! Considering the design and taste. Yup!

This Cake pops (picture above) was one of the order I can never forget. My client was very specific of what she wants, I can feel it that she want to make sure I don't screw it up. I said "Yes" I can do it. She explain to me the exact details of what she wanted - Eiffel tower Cake plus Paris theme Cake Pop, she wants specific color, design and flavor. The result was very successful. I saw the birthday girl the other day, and she was very proud of her cake! She was telling people how delicious and beautiful the cake and the cake-pops.

Making Cake Pops to me is so much fun! This is the type of work that I don't consider a job, its fun! I don't even realize the time until I feel like I have to go to bed. By the time I am wrapping individual pops, I am actually in front of the TV watching my show "Top Chef". Tells me one thing - its a hobby.

Please leave your comment on the bottom and let me know how I can improve my work. I will be posting the recipe on how to make this pops soon. Enjoy!

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