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Summer Must Haves!

Truly the best time hanging out with this beautiful lady!

Last month the gang went out on boating by Jupiter Fl. The activity was planned way back about 6 months ago.

Which means, everything was put in placed. We booked our cabin way in advance, we packed food good for 5 days, we packed our bikes, we prepared all the things that we can think of to bring with us to have the most enjoyable time.

Of course, we must have one of our favorite drink, Truly Hard Seltzer! It comes with 6 different flavors:

  1. Strawberry

  2. Pineapple

  3. Lemon

  4. Cherry

  5. Lime

  6. Watermelon

To me the flavor is lack of something, but you can always add what you'd prefer into it, to make it more enjoyable. Easy to pack - it becomes less weight on your way back home, easy to prepare, and variety of flavors to choose from! So perfect while being out and hot sunny day.

Khadine and I truly enjoyed them, especially her - she knows how to model them too, so effortless. She and her family is so used to have this type of activity, they go to places all the time, she is a pro when it comes to going overnight or out of town and pack the whole family with her. She got it nailed down.

When we plan to go anything like this, I always reach out to her in case I am missing something! She knows what to bring and not what to bring.

In fact, I found @TrulyHardSeltzer from her and I bring the partner to it, to enjoy even more!

Have you try them!?


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