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Some Like It, Some Don't!

We call it Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice), it is a mixed of rice, Tablia (it's a concentrated pure cocoa seeds, fermented and mold into small circle enough for single serving) 3 tablespoons of Milo and a tablespoon of brown sugar in a medium pan with 4 cups of water. I used brown sugar to make it like chocolatey texture and color, however, you can use white sugar or any type of sweetener to bring the desired taste. Today is the very first time that Matthew finally acquired the taste, and he liked it - he absolutely finished the big bowl I gave him!

Making Champorado today reminds me of my Mom and it's also because - I woke up at 8:36 at 47 degrees, to me that is extremely cold for the very first time in a long time. Yes, that is very cold... and continues to be under 60 degrees through the end of the day! That is very cold! Did I say that already!? A warm delicious Champorado is perfect for this weather! Second, this is what my Mom used to make when it was a rainy and cold day. This is less expensive, with the main ingredients being rice and Tablia, if I am not mistaken , we have a cacao tree in our backyard growing up and we harvest them ourselves. These are very common ingredients in the kitchen that preserve and will last in a long time - it is easy and fast staple food.

Matthew asked what am I making? I said, it's Champorado - let's try them together. I poured a little bit of heavy cream on top, it was really good, it made it even more creamy.

We sat down and enjoyed it while telling him how my Mom used to made them. My Mom's version would be with the exception of Milo! Milo is definitely a treat for us, we use Milo solely for making a warm drink but to add them in Champorado would be super treats. Growing up, we enjoyed Milo in so many different ways, sometimes I scoop a spoonful of it and put it in my mouth! It's like a birthday treat! Of course, my Mom wouldn't like that! So, I hide under the table when I do that. Lol!

Anyways, my husband on the other hand, did not care for it, that's okay - more for me!

Happy days!



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