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Memorial Day 2023

To honor and commemorate the fallen service member's life this Memorial Day.

We have this table set-up by our lobby area at work.​​


I asked a Veteran (My Boss), what is your idea of celebrating Memorial Day? He explained and pointed out, that he doesn't like when someone tells him "Happy Memorial Day" he cringed when he hears that.​


The other day, I was reading Rachel Engel's blog, detailing these 5 things NOT to do on Memorial Day, it is exact same idea as what a Veteran explained!​


1. Don't wish anyone a "Happy Memorial Day" - despite what the countries transition to, this was established to honor and remember the American fallen​.​


2. Don't thank the current troops – we honor the American veterans in November on Veteran's Day, but Memorial Day allows the country to focus on those service members who are no longer with us. This is an important distinction. ​​


3. Don't disregard its importance – there are several SALE items everywhere but don't forget to raise a glass in honor of those who serve! ​​

4. Don't forget it exists - an extra day off is great, a day of reflection and appreciation is meant to be!​


5. Don't let politics keep you from rendering respect – even if you disagree the ideas of war, or whatever that is – don't bring any politics to this. Your reason to go to war is completely separate from the troops who gave the ultimate sacrifice. ​​


I hope you enjoy your weekend and pause to remember its purpose!​



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