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Discover Amazing Deals on my Amazon Page!

I shop almost all of my baking utensils on Amazon! Literally, from

toothpick for cookie decorating materials to flour, cake boxes, pipping tips, etc., they have it all!

This is why, it just makes sense to become an affiliate business partner with the GIANT online shopping company.

Why I shop with Amazon:

  1. Quality assurance - I get lucky with my kitchen items orders in the past, I haven't returned anything.

  2. Fast Shipping - it's by your doorstep the next day

  3. Satisfied - always!

As an affiliate partner they have curated an exclusive link for me and my westbocasweets. Visit my Amazon store and explore my collections. Feel free to share this with your friends and family. Let them know about the fantastic deals waiting for them.

Every purchase will be able to help me pay extra fees to maintain my website and continue to pursue my side hustle. Enabling to motivate others by continuing to share valuable information. I appreciate your continued support.

Click the link #CreativeKitchenEssentials below to start shopping:



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