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Barbie Doll Would be the Last Thing My Mom Need!

I didn't own a Barbie Doll growing up. I don't have the luxury of playing with a fancy Barbie doll house. If I recall correctly, there was only one in my group of friends back then who owned one. Simply because my parents couldn't afford one.

Photo credit by: Warner Bros, New York Times and by Manohla Dargis Blog

At a young age, I discovered a world of imagination and innovation. I learned to make the most of what I had. Instead of longing for the trendy dolls adorned with fashionable outfits, I turned everyday objects into my own miniature world.

Back then, I learned to use to build cardboard dollhouses crafting intricate furniture from discarded materials. It helped my ability to think outside the box.

Without those fancy toys, it helped develop resourcefulness and resilience.

- It never let me be limited by what I didn't have

- It never made me incomplete or missed anything as a little girl

- Embraced what I had and pushed the boundaries of my own creativity

- It helped my ability to think outside the box at a young age

The determination to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary shows us that we all have the potential to create our unique path in life.

My childhood experiences shaped me into a resilient and innovative individual, reminding us that our ability to adapt and find creative solutions in the face of challenges is what truly defines us.

Today, I continue to channel my creativity into various forms of art and designs. One of those are, creating personalized cakes. To me it isn't a job, it is a passion.

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