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When in Paris with my Besties!
We couldn't believe it, we were actually going to Paris! We couldn't believe it that this is actually happening!  But here we are!  With my besties Karen and Traci venturing in Paris! 

We all work together in one of the fast-paced Corporate office in Boca Raton.  Karen, is our Recruiting Manager, she is super fun and love to eat, drink, easy going and most of all she just goes with the flow.  Traci is our Senior Corporate Recruiter, she planned all the best things to do in Paris and she is good at finding great deals - on anything!  I am a Business Analyst in Recruiting - we all report to one boss that time!  We had to get our time vacation time approve before we purchase our tickets! 

Once approved, we got everything ready! 



Bring Home the Sugar Cravings!
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