Create your own cookie masterpieces with this DIY decorate your own cookie kit! I assure you, the whole family will have fun, NO prior baking experience required! 


Each kit comes with:

1 doz (12 ct) about 3” vanilla sugar cookies: 12 different shapes (wrapped individually)

4 bags of royal icing: red, pink, yellow, green (can be any colors you'd like)

4 containers of sprinkles (small) 

1 bag of toothpicks

1 copy of DIY cookie kit instructions

Sugar Cookie Ingredients: sugar, butter, flour, vanilla extract, eggs and baking powder.

Royal Icing Ingredients: sugar, water, vanilla extract and meringue powder.  Royal icing is safe to be at room temperature, due to the help of meringue powder elements.

*Tax included

*No return no exchange but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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